TRAMP Travelers Ready-Made Appliance for Maintaining Privacy

I have been thinking a lot about how to simplify my travel digital security practices. I just found the README for a tool that I started scraping together a year ago and put aside to focus on other things. The start of the GPG scripts can be found on github for the interested. This post is only to provide ideas for others who might be thinking about simplifying their travel security kits.

TRAMP: Travelers Ready-Made Appliance for Maintaining Privacy

TRAMP is a set of tools for rapidly creating temporary digital travel support.

This toolkit was built to respond to my need for constant digital communication with the requirement that when I travel I do not put my digital personal or work infrastructure in extra danger.

The TRAMP kit consists of four parts:


A custom fork of Mail-In-A-Box that is installed on a VPS while I am traveling. This server houses all of my travel infrastructure including a server for my temporary travel e-mail address, webmail client, rss server, forwarding sent mail to the main e-mail address, and creating user config files for my devices. It is a throw-away server that is closed upon my return.


A set of scripts that set up a Raspberry-PI to act as a IMAP client that downloads e-mail, sends custom auto-responses to senders, and forwards the subject line and sender to the travel e-mail address.


A command line wizard that creates the files needed for the travel-kit. It gathers data that should travel with me including specified e-mail contacts, public keys, and calendars. It creates a custom travel GPG key, auto-responder e-mail, and sign’s that e-mail with my current GPG key to authenticate it before transfer to the TRAMP-pi.


The custom debian image setup used to populate a travel netbook that I can bring with me as my primary computer when traveling.